Sorrel, Sheep (Sheep Sorrel) (Rumex acetosella), potted plant, organic


Family:  Buckwheat (Polygonaceae)

Hardy to zones 4 to 8

(Sheep Sorrel, Common Sheep Sorrel) Herbaceous or evergreen, rhizomatous, dioecious perennial with characteristically tart leaves and brick red seeds.  This is the exact species called for in the famous essiac formula, of which the stretchy, golden roots (pictured) are considered to be particularly potent.  Plant prefers moist to mesic soils in full sun to part shade and are good grass competitors.  Will grow well on coastal dunes and stabilize them.  Sow in spring.  Barely cover seed and keep warm and evenly moist until germination, which takes about a week.  Space plants 6 inches apart.  Flowers to 1 foot tall.

Potted plant, certified organically grown

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