Solomon’s Seal, Giant Live Root (Polygonatum biflorum var. commutatum), Organic


Solomon’s Seal, Giant  (Polygonatum biflorum var. commutatum)
Herbaceous perennial forest dweller distinguished from look-alikes by its huge size and flowers drooping in pairs from the leaf axils that occur below the sweeping arm of the plant. Plant in forest garden.  Root restriction is relished, and these often grow on top  of limestone substrate or in rocky places in the woods.  Shade garden conditions are also fine.  Upon receipt, plant the root about 1 inch deep in the mineral soil, horizontally, with the bud curving upwards.  Cover with mulch.  Emergence is in the spring.  Remember–perennials sleep, then creep, then leap–it may take some time for the new planting to become established.  there is no time to start like now!
Live root, certified organically grown

Solomon’s Seal roots ship starting in September, after the parent plants go dormant.   All orders received prior to that time will be backordered and sent first come, first served.  Please let us know if you require your roots to be sent at a particular time. Use the “Order Notes” field at checkout.  Roots are available to the USA only.