She-Chuang-Zi (Snow Parsley) (Cnidium monnieri), packet of 100 seeds, Organic


Family:  Carrot (Apiaceae)

Annual, requiring 90 days to seed

(Monnier’s Snowparsley, She chuang zi)  Annual flowering to 18 inches, native to a wide distribution in Europe, India and Asia, especially China.  Some sources list this as a perennial but it has always been a dependable monocarpic flowering annual in my gardens.  The plant is similar in appearance to Queen Anne’s Lace, with bipinnate leaves and multiple upright stalks crowned by the white, umbelliferous flower that is typical to its family.  Preferring moist soils in the part shade to sun, this plant is not particular about soil type, thriving equally well in loam and clay.  The entire plant is used in TCM, although it is the seeds which are most commonly employed.  Source of the compound known as osthole, it is regarded to be a stimulant to sex hormones and is sometimes touted as an “herbal viagraTM,” although there is purported aphrodisiacal influence on women as well as men.  Traditional usage (TCM): external application of the plant or a salve made of the plant for treating eczema, parasitic and fungal infections of the skin.  Internal use of the seeds or products made from the seeds as a sexual stimulant.  Press seed into soil surface and keep evenly moist, warm and in the light until germination.  Seeds require about 2 weeks to germinate.  Work up seedlings in successively larger pots and transplant to garden once large enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor cultivation.  Space plants 1 to 2 feet apart.

100 seeds per packet, Certified Organically Grown


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She-Chuang-Zi (Snow Parsley) (Cnidium monnieri), packet of 100 seeds, Organic