Schisandra, Starvine (Schisandra glabra) potted vine, organic


Family: Magnoliaceae

Hardy to Zones 5 to 10

Schisandra, Star Vine (Schisandra glabra, S. coccinea)  (Bay Starvine, Climbing Magnolia, Starvine)

Perennial woody vine.   Native to Southeastern United States, a disappearing native herb with few populations, limited range.  Handsome climbing vine to 60 feet.  Flowers red in early summer giving way to bright red berries in late summer.  Berries are similar to Schisandra chinensis berries. I personally have always wondered why this sturdy vine is not more widely prevelant, since it has proven to be significantly more adaptable and robust than its Asian cousin.  The fruits, although not really as tasty as the Asian ones, are a plausible substitute for them.  Plant prefers to grow in moist shade garden, understory to larger trees, woodland habitat, creek bottoms.  Trellis.  Space 6 feet or more apart.

Potted vine, Certified Organically Grown

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