Pumpkin, Styrian Hull-less, Standard (Cucurbita pepo), packet of 20 seeds, organic


Family:  Gourd (Cucurbitaceae)

Annual.  90 days to maturity.

(Hull-less Pumpkin, Naked-seeded Pumpkin–Standard Vining Type) This is a unique pumpkin cultivar developed in the province of Styria in Austria.  These pumpkins have a seed that is encased only in a thin membrane, which may be consumed along with the seed.  The seeds can be lightly toasted with a little salt or eaten raw and uncooked. Traditional usage (TWM): prostate health.  Source of a high-grade dark fixed oil used in cookery.  The flesh of the pumpkin is thin, bright yellow, coarse textured, tasty. The Styrian pumpkin plant is problem-free, fast-growing and a rewardingly prolific producer of the large fruits.   Prepare the hill or the bed with plenty of aged manure or compost, direct-seed the seeds, and choose the three best seedlings from the hill (or if row cropping, thin to 1 plant every 3 feet).  Keep weeded and watered.  Vines will soon become self-mulching.    Harvest and processing: Harvest pumpkins after maturity (they go from green to striped orange/green) or right away after first frost.  Split open and scoop out seeds and spaghetti onto a table screen.  Using your hands, work the mash until the seeds are free of spaghetti. It is usually best to not use water.  Scoop up the seeds and spread them out on screens to dry, stirring several times per day, until the seeds are dry and stable.  Store in paper bags.

20 Seeds/pkt., Certified Organically Grown

Pumpkin, Styrian Hull-less, Standard (Cucurbita pepo), packet of 20 seeds, organic