Pepper, Ghost (Capsicum chinense x frutescens), packet of 30 seeds


Family:  Nightshade (Solanaceae)

Perennial in Zones 10-12, otherwise grown as an annual, 90 to 100 days to harvest

1,041,427  Scoville Heat Units

(Bhut Jolokia) Hybrid pepper, a cross of Capsicum chinense and frutescens, at one time considered to be the hottest pepper in the world, now contested, but in any case extremely hot.  These come from Assam in NE India.  Produces 3-inch-long, red-orange fruits.  Standard pepper culture.  I found that these peppers took longer to come up than my homegrown open-pollinated peppers, requiring 14 days of very warm conditions, watered daily.  However, they did come up and showed a high rate of vigor and high germination rate.  We are not trying to fool anybody here, these are hybrid peppers, something you will not otherwise find in our catalogue of Strictly Medicinal delights.  We are offering them because they are rare and people want them.  It was a stroke of luck that we were able to obtain them.  Please take them for what they are, and use appropriate cautions when handling and processing, they are indeed dangerously potent.

30 seeds per packet, untreated, hybrid, not seed-saver friendly


Pepper, Ghost (Capsicum chinense x frutescens), packet of 30 seeds