Lupini (Lupinus albus), packet of 10 seeds


Family:  Legume (Fabaceae)

Annual, 70 days to harvest

(Sweet Edible Dwarf Lupine)  Native to the Mediterranean basin, producing 18 inch upright racemes of white flowers that give way to follicles filled with fat, light-yellow seeds.  High in protein and fiber, edible lupine are a nutritious snack food, often pickled, marinated, or consumed with olive oil, garlic, herbs, salt and beer.  Some varieties of Lupini (South American types) are very bitter and require multiple episodes of leaching before being rendered edible.  Not so with these Mediterranean-derived lupini–I soaked the seeds overnight to plant and found that they were already quite tasty with just that much preparation.  They are even better when you soak and simmer them to tenderness.  The plant prefers a cool, partly shady exposure.  Once the weather has settled in the spring to early summer, soak the seeds overnight in warm water, then sow in the garden, 6 inches apart.  Harvest when follicles become dry.

10 seeds per packet, open pollinated, untreated, NO GMO’s

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