This is a live lecture (PLANETARY HERBS, SANTA CRUZ, 2010) augmented by video and still shots taken by Richo in Zanzibar.  Richo at his best!

“The apprentices immediately bent down to harvest some seeds from this plant which they understood was entirely new to me.  After all, hadn’t the strange white mganga just asked Salimbum to show him the plant for the first time?  As they busied themselves, I secretly reached into my back pocket and removed the three cleaned seeds from the very plant they were working on, palmed them, and with an exclamation that sounded sort of like “THWAP!” I flourished the seeds in my open palm above the plant, as if I’d just manifested them, drawing them up out of the plant, or created them spontaneously from antimatter.  The apprentices drew back with fear in their eyes…” 

1 hour and 45 minutes, runs in standard DVD player or computer

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