Cactus, San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi) potted tip, gallon size, organic

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Family:  Cactus (Cactaceae)

Hardy to Zone 8 to 12, withstands light frost, often grown as a potted plant and brought in for the winter.

(Achuma, San Pedro Cactus, Washuma)  Blue-green, nearly spineless, ribbed, pentamenous, columnar cactus native to Ecuador and Peru bears 10 inch night-blooming scented white flowers. Does well in pots. Will grow up to 20 feet in the right conditions, even though planted in nothing larger than a 3 gallon pot.  This blue-green skinned columnar cactus is nearly spineless.  The 3 to 4 inch tip cuttings we provide may be grown indoors in a bright window or if zone permits, outside. During the winter, make sure you keep the plant indoors and do not allow it to become frozen.  Also, do not water during the winter as the cacti are liable to rot during winter dormancy.  Otherwise kept potted in Cactus mix and left in bright, warm light these will be very happy.

Gallon size potted plant, Certified Organically Grown


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