Cactus, Giant Saguaro (Carnegia gigantea) seeds

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Family: Cactus (Cactaceae)

Hardy to Zones 8 to 12, otherwise grown as a potted plant and brought indoors for the winter.  Do not water during winter dormancy.

(Syn. Cereus giganteus)  Long-lived, upright, branching, treelike cactus of the southwestern US.Prefers 15 inches or less rainfall.  Waxy, white, 4 inch flowers rim the crown of this most classic of cacti, giving way to copious quantities of sweet, purplish fruit that is a significant source of diverse edibles (also providing an inebriating beverage) for the peoples of the Sonoran Desert.  Difficult to harvest as cacti reach to 40 feet tall.  Spines used traditionally for tattooing.   Zerophytic, spiny plants prefer full sun, perfectly draining soils and little water.  Cactus seed requires surface sowing and warm, humid conditions for germ–most growers stretch plastic over the top of the pot.  Standard potting soils for cactus contain at least 50% pumice or coarse, sharp sand.  Inoculate potting soil with soil taken from around other, established cacti. The soil surface should be very coarse (incorporate sharp gravel), in order to support sprouting seeds and keep them upright as they elongate and germinate.  Sow in warm conditions.  Expect spotty germ within 3 weeks, but some of the seeds may lie dormant for up to 2 years before germ.  Keep seedlings partially shaded until they get big enough to (literally) prick out into roomier pots.  Cacti may be gainfully cultivated indoors, in the unheated greenhouse, or of course in desert areas.

Packet contains 100 seeds
1 g contains ~9,000 seeds
5 g contains ~45,000 seeds
10 g contains ~90,000 seeds
Open Pollinated, Untreated, NO GMO’s


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