Ordering Info

Although all cultures on earth use plant-derived medicaments, we cannot recommend self-medication with plant products.  Rather, we offer medicinal information in the context of historical usage.  Please seek the care and advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner for all medical problems.  We have endeavored to provide responsible and specific cautions and contraindications for the herbs and preparations described in this website.  However, be advised that iatrogenic, idiosyncratic, and/or allergic reactions can occur, albeit rarely, regardless of the cautions employed.  Furthermore, when we mention that a particular herb contains a unique molecule with known activity, this should not be construed to mean that we recommend, advise or endorse consumption of that herb. For instance, many folks grow poisonous plants (e.g. poinsettias) without harboring the intention of poisoning themselves or anyone else!  Please do not order plants or seeds from us that are illegal in your state or country.  We cannot be apprised of all local laws, so orders are the responsibility of the individual, not Strictly Medicinal, LLC. We will not knowingly ship plants or seeds of plants that are illegal in your area, as is evidenced by our careful assessment of the noxious weed laws (e.g. we don’t ship Clary Sage to Washington).  Furthermore, we do not accept responsibility for the use or misuse of any of the herbal information found in this website, or for any accident or injury caused by growing, handling, or ingesting plants or from attempting to follow the procedures described in this website.  The difference between nourishing yourself with a pea and injuring yourself with a pea is known as prudence.  May you all act prudently in the wonderful world of growing medicinal plants.

Our seeds and plants are GMO free, untreated, open-pollinated, and packed with love!  Organically certified plants are grown by us on our farms here in Southern Oregon.  Organically certified seeds are grown or handled by us.  Both organically certified plants and seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.  All seeds and plants provided by Strictly Medicinal are meant for the public good and shall remain in the public domain.  No patents allowed.  No genetic engineering allowed.  Nature never wanted it that way! 

Our catalog provides specific directions on good ways to germinate seeds.  Your success is important to us.  If the seed packet is planted all at once in a reasonable environment and the appropriate time period required for germination has passed and still zero germination, then we will replace the packet for free (one time replacement only, all claims must come within 1 year of your order). Other reasons why seed packets will not be replaced:  The seeds were not planted all at once–critical mass was not assured–this means our offer is void.  Ashitaba and Mandrake and possibly other rare species as indicated in our catalog are sold as viable seed but are nonetheless tricky to germinate–no refunds or replacements.

Because of our lack of control over cultivation practices and weather conditions, we offer no guarantee on bulk seeds (ie. multiple seed packets or seeds sold by the gram(s), ounce(s) or pound(s). The assumption is that if large quantities of seeds are ordered, then the planter is sufficiently well equipped to assure germination and growth of same.  We recommend that small trials be run prior to investing in large quantities of seeds.  We will not replace multiple packets of seeds, bulk seeds or give cash refunds.  We are not responsible for losses incurred through the failure of any crop derived from any of our seeds, plants or root stock.

Please read and understand this guarantee: By ordering plants, the customer agrees to pay shipping charges, which are not refundable. 
We guarantee delivery of a live plant.  Once the live plant arrives, it is the responsibility of the gardener to keep it alive.  We do not replace plants that die or go dormant under your care.  If this is not an acceptable agreement, then please do not order plants from us! A classic case is this:  A customer buys three witch hazel trees from us in the autumn.  They are lively and well-budded.  The customer ignores our instructions to pot up, plants them to the landscape, and reports that the trees did not make it through the winter.  They demand a refund.  This we cannot do, because the plants were mishandled.  They should have been potted up to overwinter, because there wasn’t time for them to root in before winter.  If the plants had been purchased in the spring, it would have made sense to plant them to the landscape, whereupon they would have rooted in and overwintered just fine.  We all need to accept these lessons as they come, turning failure into valuable information for how to proceed next time.  We are dedicated to shipping only live and lively plants. We use primarily 5 inch deep pots filled with organic potting soil, and many of our potted plants are 1 to 2 year old individuals. We ship lots and lots of plants, have been doing so for many years, and have developed a good delivery system in order to assure their safe travel and your satisfaction. Please be aware that given variable plant dormancy the term “plant” may refer to a dormant perennial root in a pot. Plants start out short in the early spring and get tall by summer.  This is a normal cycle.  If you are ordering plants in the early spring, they may be small to start.  Nourish them with the right compost and conditions and they will naturally grow and prosper.  Once the plant selling season gets rolling, our plants tend to be quite large and robust.  Often they get so large under our care that they must be cut back before shipment.  This is standard horticultural practice, and helps balance aerial and subterranean parts at transplant, resulting in a better plant for you. We guarantee delivery of a live plant.  Once the live plant arrives, it is the responsibility of the gardener to keep it alive. If the plant is damaged in shipment, please cut it back, plant it to a gallon pot and take care of it according to the environmental requirements of the species.  If after 3 weeks there is still no response, and you check and find that the root is dead, then let us know and we’ll send a replacement plant along with your next plant order.  We do not replace plants without a new plant order from you!  Again, this guarantee applies only to plants damaged in shipment. If you want to pay for shipment, we will be happy to provide a free replacement plant without any new order from you.

We follow GMPs (good manufacturing practices) to assure correct identity of our seeds, plants and roots. All seeds are germ tested, lot numbered and subjected to a rigorous series of tests to assure correct identity.  The identity of the seed is tested three times before it gets to you.  If for some reason you think that the seed is incorrectly identified, please do not panic.  Seedlings of valerian, for instance, look nothing like the mature plant.  Also, remember that all soil outdoors and much soil used in pots and flats indoors already contains significant populations of diverse seeds.  This is known as the seed bank.  If these seeds germinate prior to the germination of the seeds from our packet, and the volunteers are reared up instead of the progeny from the seed packet, this does not mean that the seed in the packet was incorrectly identified! In other words, we take a dim view of language such as:  “I planted Strictly Medicinal Ashitaba seeds and all I got was a pot full of weeds!”  Also, it is our experience that seed sticks to moist fingers during planting and may be transferred unintentionally to pots that are then mislabeled.  During the excitement of planting, packets may get switched or flats may receive the wrong tag.  We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the appearance of the seeds and seedlings of the various plant species and to keep all plantings well marked. In the event that things don’t come out as planned, we are happy to view your good photograph to try to help you determine what plant it is you have there.  However, please respect our expertise, our time, our mission, and most of all our good intentions.  Be careful to keep it positive.  It matters.